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I’m Your Teacher; Not Your Internet-Service Provider

The article by Ellen Laird, “I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider”, is a clear comparison between internet learning and the normal classroom method of learning. In the article, Ellen discusses the difference between online and the normal classes. According to Ellen, a lot of her online studies are disrupted due to students’ lack of attention, motivation and supervision. There are a number of factors that affect online classes, such as the availability of the individual, technology, and internet speed on the part of the student, among others. This article is a review of the issues discussed by Ellen Laird, in her article, “I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider”.

Ellen Laird’s organization of the article is based on subjects. In the article, she has created two different paragraphs discussing the differences between students that take online classes and her normal classroom setup students. This is a strategy that she has applied with the aim of showing her readers the differences between the two types of students. The headings on her article have also been used to indicate the problems faced by tuors when teaching online classes, compared to when teaching the normal classes. It is therefore right to observe that she is not very passionate about online classes due to the lack of personal connection with students.

She indicates the lack of control for the online class, which can lead to laziness. This is where she points out that her online students can skip modules and go to those that they feel are more friendly. This is a case of students choosing to do what they like as opposed to doing what is right and beneficial to them. According to her, it is not an easy task to captivate the attention of online students, as they are not available physically. They are able to skip modules that they deem hard and this affects their ability to grasp important concepts.

The Dog Ate My Disk and Other Tales of Woe

Carolyn Foster Segal’s essay “The Dog Ate My Disk and Other Tales of Woe” gives numerous outrageous albeit creative excuse for late and missing school work (460). Examples range from family deaths (461) to technology failures (462). Being in the age of technology it is very believable that computer failures and problems would be a valid excuse for missing and late school work, but teachers have become smarter and hip to our excuses now. I have used the “my computer won’t save my work” excuse before. It seems to be a very believable excuse, but I didn’t dare use it on one of my younger professors. I saved that one for one of my older professors who was less technology savvy. It surprisingly worked and my work was received at a later time without penalty.

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Daum’s essay “Fame-iness”

Daum’s essay “Fame-iness” Describes how the concept of celebrity has changed over the years (511). HE makes the point that not too long ago it took strenuous effort to be recognized as a celebrity (512). He argues that fame is all about niches now. Famous people nowadays only appeal to certain groups of people and it seems that every niche has their celebrity that they look up to for whatever reason. Famous aren’t really famous for anything of much importance anymore which is why they rarely if ever appeal to the masses.

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