What is the past perfect tense? Could you define and give examples?

Here !!!

perfect tense have these kind of

“had +pp” or Past participle

it is easy to remember!!

I, She, He, They, We, You = Had + Past Participle

*these is the earliest action that used/ put into past perfect!!


After I had woken up, I ate my lunch.

After I had had a bath, I watched t.v.

if you are confused why had had? because the past paticiple of Have is Had!! and we should remember the formula of past perfect tense ( Had + PP ) !!

another examples

I had eaten my lunch. I had taken my nap.

so don’t be confused about the past perfect tense because the only formula you should remember is “Had + PP or Past participle

ex. of past participle

Wake, Woke, the past participle is Woken . Past participle is easy to remember, because of the words they have “en” at the end of it except irregular .. so be careful ..