What is an adverb of affirmation and negation? Please include examples.

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An adverb of affirmation is an adverb that is used in a sentence to affirm it as true. An adverb of affirmation is also used to answer a Yes-No question raised by others.

Examples: really, certainly, absolutely, positively, definitely, truly, undoubtedly, yes

  1. She positively identified her attacker.
  2. You are really a genius!
  3. Yes, they are coming.
  4. It was truly an awesome experience.
  5. He is undoubtedly the best swimmer in the team.

An adverb of negation is a grammatical construction that contradicts all or part of the meaning of a sentence.

Examples: no, not, never, nothing

  1. He is not here.
  2. I was never alone in my battles.
  3. No, they are not coming.
  4. There is nothing special about him.
  5. Eating is not allowed inside the computer laboratory,