What is a predicate complement?

Predicate complement is also called the subject complement. It is a description you are giving to your subject. Usually it describes or name your noun or subject. It is immediately followed by linking like is, are, was, were, has, have, and had.

It has two kinds. First is the predicative nominative.’

Predicative nominative / predicate noun is a noun describing the subject.

Example. Lucy (subject) is(linking verb) a Math Teacher.

*Math teacher is the predicate noun describing the subject Lucy.

Second is the predicative adjective / predicate adjective. It is a descriptive word modifying a noun/ subject.

Example. Jeng (subject) is (linking verb) exquisite .

*Exquisite is the predicative adjective describing Jeng.


Predicative complement / subject complement -word that describes the subject

Kinds of Predicative complement:

  1. Predicative nominative / predicate noun
  2. a noun describing a noun

  3. Predicative adjective / predicate adjective

  4. descriptive word describing a noun

*it is usually written after the linking verb