What is a compound verb and some examples?

A compound verb is a verb that uses multiple words to form a single verb.

There are four types of compound verb:

Prepositional When a preposition (a word that indicates location or time – e.g. in, on, for) combines with a verb to add detail to it. E.g. believe in, care for, rely upon

Phrasal When a verb combines with a prepositional adverb (a word describing the location or direction of a verb) E.g. tear off, run out, pull through.

Auxiliary When the verb combines with a “helping verb”. These are often used when talking in a different tense. Common auxiliary include various forms of to have and to be. E.g. was walking, will meet, are running

Compound single-word Sometimes, a single verb is made from multiple words. Both words may be verbs or one may be a descriptor or noun. Sometimes, they are joined and sometimes they are hyphenated. E.g. babysit, water-proof, stir-fry

Here is a compilation of examples: Believe in Ask for Rely upon Tear up Take away Take down work on Was swimming Will be considering Will meet Are running Color-code Double-click Rely on Wear away Water-proof

I hope this helps; let me know if I can do anything else:)