What are some of Cinderella’s character traits?

I am going to illustrate this question with the typical fairytale story of Cinderella. Please note that this is not the Disney version.

So, obviously, one of the traits most well known about Cinderella is that she is hard-working. When her dad dies, her evil stepmother and stepsisters boss her around, but she never argues. You might even say she’s a push-over (someone who can’t stand up for themselves). But we can leave that trait out if it destroys your view of Cinderella! 🙂 Another trait might be kindness . Cinderella is very kind to everyone she meets – even her stepsisters and stepmother! While this may seem overboard, remember, this is a fairytale and is not meant to be realistic. When Cinderella wows the prince, she doesn’t rub it in other peoples’ faces. She is very humble and meek . These traits all go together, right? Well, if you’ve read the tale, then you know that birds pecked out the eyes of the stepsisters and stepmother. Maybe Cinderella couldn’t stop the birds, but it’s more likely that she didn’t want to. Well, I hope that helped!Special thanks to www.quizlet.com for letting me use the picture of Cinderella.