Social M Pl and the B

Social Media Plan and the Benefits of Social Media for Business

Using The Rock Insurance Case study in a previous module, answer the following questions.  Integrate what you read in Part one of The Definitive Guide to Social CRM in your answer:  

Start Developing a Social Media Plan for The Rock Insurance Company:

Format (also see grading rubric): 

I.  Develop a final profile of the target customers that The Rock Should focus on for the future. 

II.  Technographic Profile building:    In addition to the reading in the Goldenberg book, read this 2-3 paragraphs, determine whether or not this would be beneficial to The Rock.   

III.  How would The Rock set goals for their Social Media Campaign? 

IV.  Define Social Media platforms and how they are used.   (There is good information in this video on Social Media Platforms and how they can be used: