Assignment: Lakota Hills Case

  • Read the Lakota Hills Case at the end of Chapter 2 of New venture creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st century.
  • Write a paper of approximately 900 words that addresses the following questions:
    • What are advantages and possible challenges of developing a specialty food business?
    • Is Lakota Hill’s strategy the best way to build a specialty food business?
    • How could they integrate other channels into their overall selling model?
    • Where does this business appear on the goods/services spectrum? Is this the ideal positioning?
    • How will Lakota Hills make money?
    • Would you invest in Lakota Hills?  Why or why not?
  • Include a minimum of two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, or other selections. 
  • Format your paper using West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
  • Submit your work via My Assignments.