identify the verb in each sentence. label each verb action or linking

1.pirates left lord and lady greystoke on a primitive island.

2. lady greystoke, a young and intelligent woman, felt challenged.

3. together they made a sturdy cabin out of hand-hewn logs and clay.

4. one day, large leopard surpised lord greystoke in the woods

5. greystoke attacked his foe with an ax, the only weapon available

6. lady greystoke appeared calm.

7. picking up a firearm, she shot the leopard.

8. as a young boy, writer and teacher richard rodriguez lived in two different worlds.

9. richards family spoke mostly spanish at home 

10. he entered first grade at a school in sacramento, california.

11. as a small child, richard never heard his name in english.

12. school was an ofen confusing and painful experience for him

13. richard nevertheless became a very successful student.

14. years later, he graduated from stanford university.

15. then he earned a doctoral degree in english.