Identify the sentence for questions 1–3 in which the underlined word is used INCORRECTLY.1. (1 point)This pitcher…

Identify the sentence for questions 1–3 in which the underlined word is used INCORRECTLY.1. (1 point)This pitcher is missing its handle.Its going to be difficult to prepare.Do not touch the glue while it’s drying.Now it’s as good as new.

2. (1 point)Who can help Ivan paint these signs?From who should he get the poster board?Give the signs to whoever is in the principle’s office.Whom did you give them to?

3. (1 point)The kittens have outgrown their basket.They’re climbing all over the furniture.The gray one is on the table over there.Their getting into lots of mischief.

Identify the choice that best describes the underlined verb or verb phrase in each sentence for questions 4–6.4. Eddie is listening to the weather report on the radio. (1 point)presentpresent progressivefuturefuture progressive

5. He left his warm jacket in his locker at school. (1 point)presentpresent perfectpastpast perfect

6. He had thought that it was in his backpack. (1 point)presentpresent perfectpastpast perfect

Identify the choice that correctly completes each sentence for questions 7–8.7. Of the two parks, Yellowstone is the ______. (1 point)famousermore famousmost famousfamousest

8. Its roads are the ____ of any of the national parks. (1 point)busiermost busybusiestmore busy

Identify the INCORRECTLY punctuated sentence for questions 9–10.9. (1 point)Many people fear public speaking; but Jesse is not one of them.He likes to tell jokes, give speeches, and express his opinion.As a child Jesse was shy; however, you would never know it today.Although he likes to express himself, he is also a good listener.

10. (1 point)The Alcan Highway runs from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Fairbanks, Alaska.Hazards along the way include drifting snow; moose; and bears.Drivers should check weather conditions before departing; they should also carry emergency supplies.Alaska is by far the largest state, but it ranks near the bottom in population.


Write the word that is either INCORRECTLY capitalized or SHOULD be capitalized in the sentences for questions 11–13.11. We went to see South Pacific at the Majestic theater. (1 point)

12. The theater is on Houston Street next to a Restaurant. (1 point)

13. The school year ran from September until Memorial day. (1 point)