How do you write a participle phrase?

see below

A participial phrase starts with a participle and is usually followed by a prepositional phrase.


  • frightened by the thunder participle : frightened prepositional phrase : by the thunder

Frightened by the thunder , the boy ran to his mother.

  • shivering with cold participle : shivering prepositional phrase : with cold

Shivering with cold , the princess knocked at the palace doors.

A participle may also be followed by a noun to form a participial phrase.


  • wearing a leather jacket present participle : wearing noun : jacket (ask: wearing what? ans: jacket)

I saw a man, wearing a leather jacket , cross the street.

  • nursing a broken heart present participle : nursing object : heart (ask: nursing what? ans: heart)

Nursing a broken heart , Elsa left the barrio.