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Assailment #1

1) How do you think differently about the existence of racism in America?

2) How is racism commonly defined?

3) Identify and explain how the benefits of being white are directly related to the costs of being non-white.

4) How does racism continue to affect African American lives?

5) Why are race neutral policies not necessarily race neutral?

Assailment# 2

Discussion Board 1: “King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo Genocide.”

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Google search an article on the topic of “King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo Genocide.” 

Answer the following questions writing at least one full paragraph per question:

1. Which do you think motivated Leopold II more, racial prejudice or financial greed?

2. How does this genocide compare to Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust in your eyes?

3. If this type of genocide was taking place again in the Congo today, what role should the United States play in intervening in order to address such a human tragedy?