dr rocal 4140 discussion


After viewing the video above on a Community Health Assessment and reading your text:

  1. Based on the Needs Assessment of the Carilion Clinic, what did they get to work on immediately? Do you believe this needs assessment truly helped them understand what their community needed? What recommendations would you have for this clinic going forward?
  2. How are needs assessment, program planning, and evaluation related? Provide details and examples.
  3. Explain how MAPP, APEXPH, and PACE EH are used.
  4. Locate and read one article describing a health promotion program and one describing a health education program. Write a summary containing a minimum of 4 sentences describing the differences between them.

In this class, you will be identifying the health needs of a community which you choose.  You will identify the health needs by visiting Healthy People.gov and choosing from the list of Health Indicators 2020.  You will be developing your program to fill the needs of your target community.  It is time for you to visit the website (www.healthypeople.gov) and choose the health promotion or prevention program you will be developing from the health indicators listed.


These two videos provide examples of prevention programs in the community. 

After viewing the videos, post the health indicator you have chosen for the program you will be developing from Healthy People.gov.  Include in your post your initial thoughts on the type of program you would like to implement.  What do you think are the necessary elements in the successful implementation of a community program?

In order to receive full credit you must give complete and detailed answers for all four questions and cite a minimum of 2 references (only 1 can be textbook).  Follow APA guidelines. Respond to a minimum of 2 classmates post by Sunday, February 5th by 11:59pm.