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Student needs to know, compare and contrast the different categories of “shock” and the medicines used to treat “shock” write two pages in APA stile with minimum of two referencies.

Case Study

Ms. A. is an apparently healthy 26-year-old white woman. Since the beginning of the current golf season, Ms. A has noted increased shortness of breath and low levels of energy and enthusiasm. These symptoms seem worse during her menses. Today, while playing in a golf tournament at a high, mountainous course, she became light-headed and …

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Ethics in Nursing

Physician D is treating someone S who is covered by Medicaid. Physician D thinks that Medicaid does not provide enough financial support for the services being rendered by D to S. Further D wants to do a procedure not covered by Medicaid under its rules which D believes to be antiquated and harmful. D is …

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QUESTION 1. Discuss how a healthcare organization’s culture is formed. 2. Discuss how you see the organizational culture of the institution impacting staff workers? 3. How do you see staff members impacting the organizational culture? 4. Do you think the culture of a healthcare organization can affect incivility, bullying, or compassion fatigue? Why or why …

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